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When I hear the words, ďReturn of The King,Ē I think of the third book in a certain series. Although you get to kill orcs and spiders, this is not about that book. Return of the king is a multiplayer MMO from China where you can kill and gain experience, craft several pieces of armor and strengthen your weapons, and even buy a mount. Although itís very fun to play, itís not that easy to set up. When you first download the game, you have to first create an account on the gameís website, this particular website is not in English, but donít let that turn you away from the game. Itís always being updated, and there are people that are working on translating it. To download the game you can download it from here. If this isnít the latest update, please let me know via the email on the contact page of my site. You can also download the translation file right here as well.

Installing the game, and creating your account:

When you first download the game, itís in an archive of the .rar extension so you will need a file extractor such as WinRAR, or another program to access the contents. Once you have the file extracted, you can continue the setup the following way. The first thing to do is to click here, and create your account on the games website. You can also get to this page buy launching the game, And selecting the sign up option in the main menu. As I have said the site is not in English, but the things you need are. When you go to the webpage, the first thing youíre looking for is the email edit box, type in your email, and hit the get email verification code button. Once youíve done that, you need to go and check your email for the code in a separate window. It sometimes takes a few minutes to arrive, and if it doesnít check your spam folder. When you do get it, you donít need to open the email to get the code as it will be the four digit number in the subject of the email. Take that number and put in the verification code edit box on the games website. Once you have entered the code hit the next button, type in your password in the new password edit box, verify it, and hit the registration is complete button. Now that youíve created your account on the website, itís time to create your account on the game. Start by launching the return of the king.exe file, and saying yes to the user account control window that comes up. Please note that some security programs Eset in particular like to throw a fit when trying to run the game for the first time or updating it. In this case, Iíd recommend redownloading the game and extracting instead of letting it auto update. Now that youíve launched the game you can change the sapi voice buy holding down left shift and pressing F6, F7, or F8. You can also go in to settings and enable the use NVDA speech synthesizer option. Now that thatís done, you can go in to roll management, and select create roll. Follow the prompts using the email and password you used to create the account on the site. You can read the info on each class by going in to the help folder in the gameís directory. You will also find a keyboard commands file in there, but itís not the easiest to understand. Once youíve selected your class, and hit the create roll button, you can go back to the main menu, select the sign in option and type in your email and password. When you finished character creation, you probably noticed a file open with a four digit number, this is your game ID. Your game ID is important for people to add you to their friends list, in some case send you items, and a few other things. You can also find this Id by hitting escape inside the game and going to your name. It will have this four digit number next to it as well as the experience you need to level up. If you havenít already, now is the time to put in the translation file you got from the link above. In order to do this, you need the game to be closed. Once thatís done, just take the file provided by the translation link, and paste it in the locale\en\ folder of your main return of the king folder.

Tips and tricks for getting started†††††††††††††††

Now that your signed in there are a few things you need to do to get started. When you first log in your in the northeastern part of the first village. The first thing you need to do is find release tasks and gifts buy pressing tab or left shift tab. Next you can either press S to auto move you or left shift s to turn on a beacon for you to walk to by pressing the arrow keys. Press enter when you get there. At this point it should have given you some items, but will get to that in a minute. Arrow down to receive and hit enter. Now youíre in a menu of quests you can choose. Arrow down to country life style and hit enter after reading the description. Once you hit enter you will be taken out of the menu and back to the main game. At this point you can go back in to the quests menu and get the newbies wellfair quest which will get you to level 11 a lot faster, or you can move on. In the items that the Npc gave you is a wooden sword, you can wield this sword buy going to the equipment section of your inventorybuy pressing E or Q, select the sword with A or D, and pressing F to use it. You also have a kimono in the ware section of your inventory that you can put on by following the steps above. Unequipping works the same way. Now you need to walk around and find the chickens which arenít that hard to find. To move press the arrow keys to move forward back left and right, you can also use left and the arrow keys to turn ninety degrees, and left alt to turn one degree. Once you start to hear clucking, press tab like you did with the release tasks, note that things donít show up unless your around twelve to fifteen tiles away, or in the same building. Now that youíve found the old hen, go to the skills section of your inventory by using E and Q. Select the skill called skill, press right control to lock on to the old hen and press to follow. Once your with in one meter of the hen start pressing space to kill it. If youíre not hitting it you may have to press left control down arrow to turn around. When youíve killed it and hear a buzzing, you can press A or D to go to the skill called collect, and press space to collect the meat. Thereís really nothing else to say accept that you can make things a bit easier by setting your skills to the row of function keys on your keyboard. To do this, press right shift F1 to enter the call settings mode. Now that youíre in call settings mode, use a and d to find the skill labeled skill, and press F1 again. You can do the same thing for collect or any other skill that you learn, press A or D to go to collect then press F2. Once youíve done that press right shift f1 to exit call settings mode. If youíve set things correctly, you should now be able to attack with f1, and collect with f2. Now that Iíve gotten you started, itís time for you to continue on your own, if you need further assistance, hold down left control and press page up or down to go through the channels, to international, and ask your questions there. As you go through the channels, youíll come across one called world, this channel can get rather spammy, to fix this just mute it by holding left shift, and pressing slash until you hear disabled.

Locations and skill guides†††††††††††††††

During my course of playing the game Iíve seen players asking questions and not getting answers to them, so Iíve decided to include some links below that tell you where certain locations are, where to get or what you need for certain skills, and other helpful information.